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Rockhaven developer’s contract extended until end of November

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

A local developer tasked with transforming the former Rockhaven Sanitarium in Glendale into a boutique commercial center and park has until the end of November to provide city officials with additional information they requested.

Both the city and developer Gangi Design LED Build declined to spell out the exact request, with city spokesman Tom Lorenz citing confidentiality surrounding the parties’ exclusive negotiating agreement.

Principal lead on the Gangi proposal, Mark Gangi, said the city has previously asked for pro-forma financial agreements and letters of interest from businesses and nonprofits that have committed to moving into one of the 14 buildings on the site the developer plans to rehabilitate.

“We’re just waiting for the green light,” Gangi said, “because we have a lot of incredible people that want to come in and help energize the space.”

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