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You can join us in preserving our heritage! Your support is crucial to our sustainability. Without you, our never ending hope to take back and preserve our heritage would be impossible. We rely on support from the community to, organize, attend events, volunteer, and take action. Most importantly, we rely on your involvement to help shape the broader movements of which we are a part!

Please write the Glendale City Council today!

Let's Make Change

There are several ways to donate and several ways to get involved.

Friends of Rockhaven members help make the park experience possible for everyone! With your support, we continue to develop new ways to fight the good fight and partner with necessary city officials.

Your donations help sustain and preserve this historical landmark/park. Donations in any amount, from one-time gifts to recurring monthly contributions, are among the most helpful ways that you can support our cause.

Whether you shop or donate, your support helps our community and helps to keep our heritage alive! We are always adding to the store so visit often!

Write Your Representatives!

Take action. Take charge and help us lead the fight in your own words. 

State Senator Anthony Portantino:

State Assemblymember Laura Friedman:  


Councilmember Vrej Agajanian:


Councilmember Paula Devine:


Council member Ara Najarian:

Mayor Ardy Kassakhian:


Councilmember Dan Brotman:


City Manager Roubik Golanian:

City Clerk Aram Adjemian


Glendale City Hall

613 E. Broadway

Glendale, CA 91206-4391

(818) 548-4844

We Need Your Support Today!

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