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Rockhaven Sanitarium - A History in Danger

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

It is listed on the State and National Registries of Historic Resources, and considered as a Place of Women's Historical Significance with those who have visited and learned about it.

A dedicated group of volunteers helps to maintain the property, and advocate its preservation. For a time, the City of Glendale also also embraced the significance of Rockhaven Sanitarium. But not any more.

Today, Rockhaven is on a list of surplus property, and the danger of losing this remarkable landmark and charming facility is very real. It is a public property, a public park…but the gates are closed. It looms, ghost-like, just out of view.

Founded and operated in 1923 by Agnes Richards, Rockhaven was one of a number of respiratory and mental sanitariums in the Crescenta Valley. Renowned for its healthful air quality and tranquil living, the area was indeed a haven. And Rockhaven in particular boasted a beautiful atmosphere, caring staff, an engaging calendar of events, a strong sense of community, and real healing.

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