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Friends of Rockhaven Kicked out of Rockhaven!

By now you may have heard that Friends of Rockhaven has filed a lawsuit to force the City to do the maintenance they should have been doing the last 15 years. No money is being asked for, just replace roofs, do the mold abatement, drainage, paint – that sort of thing.

Because we have embarrassed the City, they are royally angry at us. In an act of apparent vindictiveness, they have banned us from the property and cut off all communication with us. Very mature, right?

We hope that in the future when they calm down, we can resume our volunteer work at Rockhaven. In the meantime, we will continue to push for the preservation of this treasure.

It’s sad that we had to sue them to make them do the right thing. But it seems that was the only way to get them to move. Perhaps that’s our gift to Rockhaven on its 100th birthday.

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1 Comment

Donnie Flippin
Donnie Flippin
Oct 08, 2023

I used to live in Highland Park as an EMT for 8 yrs. This Property is Historic And Cant Be Abandoned Such A WASTE for Everyone Concerned. I now live in Missouri and historic and habitable buildings are just bulldozed in. When will it End!!!!

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